TMJ disfunction, etiology, symptoms, diagnosis with focus on the treatment of TMD

 TMJ pathology is very frequent lately and it requires team work of dental specialists, osteopath, physiotherapist, neurology and others.
It can start during development of the dentition, different malocclusion, prosthetics and orthodontic treatments, autoimmune deceases which leads to more or less severe pathology of TMJ.

Diagnosis of TMJ pathology is very important and not easy because of so many symptoms that can confuse clinician. There are few clinical methods, MR and specific X-ray that are necessary to be done for exact diagnosis. Meaning of terminology centric occlusion and centric relation as well as ideal mandibular position and articulation will be explained with practical demonstrations.

Concept and treatment protocol with TMJ splint with adjustments, medicaments, exercises, functional testing and stabilizing the treatment result in growing and non growing patients will be the main topics of lecture. Complete procedure will be explained step by step with case reports and some practical exercises.



03. & 04. Decembar 2022

Solving impaction and transposition treatments with SL systems

Today we are facing more patients with different types of impactions than a generations ago.
Decision-making for choosing the best method of Orthodontic management of impacted teeth can be very complex and requires a carefully planned inter-disciplinary approach.
Although the results can be excellent, treatment is complicated, usually long and requires one or several surgical interventions. The choice of treatment is influenced by several factors such as location, severity of impaction, patient’s age, and other considerations.
Passive ligation with light forces can serve the orthodontist well in the treatment of teeth impaction and transposition.

 This lecture presents the knowledge gained over the 15 years working with Passive self ligation system for impaction and transposition cases.

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