Why Damon Clear

Damon Clear is the newest part of the Damon system, created as a doctor’s request and aesthetics patients. It has exactly the same opening and closing mechanism as the Damon Q bracket. For the time being, there is only the standard prescription for upper frontal teeth.

Damon System eliminates the use of traditional mechanics such as header, palette bar, extraction, RPE …


Damon System uses mild, biological forces that do not override the function of lips and tongue, so you have a natural foothold.

These forces recognize the organism as the forces of growth and cooperate with them. Therefore, the results are rye, better and more stable. Patients with less control and for a short time end therapy.


The proposal of the order of arcs

  • Damon Clear is designed to use Ormco arches.
  • They have a definite force that allows safe handling of these barges.
  • Every bow must have enough time to do its part of the job before replacing it for a thicker bow.
  • To increase or decrease the torus in the front, use either NiTI pre-torq bows or TMA bows.
  • Do not use steel bows with inserted tork!
  • Do not use steel bows full of thickness!
  • Do not make the fins on the steel harbor!



Do the fixed devices have to be very visible?

Damon Clear is a passively self-adhesive bracelet, for a short time you get therapeutic results and top aesthetics during the treatment that certain patients require. Damon clear brekettes do not change the color during the therapy and do not abrade the teeth of the antagonist.



• A completely aesthetic passive self-adhesive bracelet
• PCA – polycrystalline aluminum allows the stability of the color of the bracket
• passive self-adhesive bracelet that allows shorter duration of therapy and application of biological forces that do not hurt either tooth or tissue around it
• All 4 solid slot walls allow for good rotational control and torque control


Easy and quick change of arches

• The SpinTek ™ opening mechanism, as a key in the lock, eliminates force

Which may cause the breech to fall off or the pain of the patient
• It is necessary to open the SpinTek, which is normally used with the Damon Q bracket.
• closing the bracket with a finger or the same instrument.


Anatomical base of the breckets

• The base of each breecette is anatomically designed by the teeth to which it is placed. Retention was obtained by laser treatment of the base
• Contours and edges of the bracket are rounded


Positioners for setting up the rack

• Plastic positioners for single use are located in each bracelet
• Each positioner is 5.1 mm long from the center of the slot to the end of the tail

Markers are 3mm, 4mm and 5mm long. After the polymerization of the adhesive, remove the positioner.



Catalog numbers and torque and angulation data

 Maxillary  Bracket
ID Dot
 .022R In/Out
 Centralni bdot  +15o  +5o  0o 497-6461 497-6460  .040″
 Lateralni pdot  +6o  +9o  0o 497-6471 497-6470  .043″
 Očnjaci gdot  +7o  +5o  0o 497-7481 497-7480  .030″


Veličina slota: .022 x .028″
O-G: .147″
B-L (uključujući i bazu): .106″
M-D: .138″


Auxiliary products

SpinTek™ instrument za otvaranje 866-4014
 SpinTek insrtument za otvaranje i zatvaranje 866-4016
 Damon Clear Instrument za debondiranje 866-4019
 Enlight™ Syringe Kit 744-0198
 Enlight unidose kit ™ 740-0199
 Ortho Solo™ 740-0271
 Demi Ortho™ led lampa 707-1015
 *Za upotrebu sa Damon Clear, Damon Q™ i SnapLink™ tubama