Our team

Who are we

Company d.o.o. ORMCO TEAM was founded in December 2006. Year. The main activity of the company is the representation and sale of products of SDS ORMCO, Sybron dental specialties, on the territory of Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania.

In 2010, retail “ORTHO SHOP” opened.

Our goal is not only to sell ORMCO products, but also to educate orthodonants to work with them. After all, the aim of the website is to introduce you to the world of modern orthodontism and showcase all the advantages this renowned American company offers you.

Ormco Team has over 650 communications from the aforementioned territories.  We differ from others because we care equally about each of our buyers, regardless of the value and frequency of their orders. With professionalism and accuracy we set standards that have not existed in our market until now. We organize courses, workshops, go out to orthodontic meetings.

The stock of goods allows you to receive ordered goods at any time, without waiting!